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After being reported on my personal blog www.john-fallon.com since its inception, THE SHELTER finally gets its own blog! Welcome to the Official Online home for THE SHELTER, all updates having to do with the film will be reported on here from here on end so Bookmark the page to keep tabs on the film’s progress!

We figured we’d launch the blog with a couple of early positive quotes we got for the film. Here it goes!

Writer, editor and director Patrick Lussier ( Terminator Genisys/Scream/My Bloody Valentine 3D) was one of the few veteran filmmakers we sent an early screener of The Shelter to for feedback. And he came back to us with a positive take on it.

“The Shelter is an accomplished piece of filmmaking with some very elegant framing and camera moves. It’s a ‘Lifemare’, overlapping strands of sorrow, joy, guilt, love, lust and a f*ck load of self-loathing. I thought it was one of Michael Paré’s best performances ever and it showed that Fallon has the chops for the job!” – Patrick Lussier

Then we had my good pal filmmaker Eric Red (who is behind 100 Feet and the cult classics Body Parts, Near Dark and The Hitcher). His opinion meant the most to me to be honest. You see when we were testing our rough cut, Eric was one of the few that watched it and… he didn’t care for it, so I asked him “why”?

He gave me his reasons and I took the notes that I agreed with and I bettered the cut by applying them. So I was elated to see that now that he’s seen the final cut of the flick that he enjoyed it.  Here is the quote he gave us:

“THE SHELTER is an offbeat hybrid of dark morality tale and horror film.  It provides an unusually unflinching portrayal of a flawed man’s grim descent down a rabbit hole of personal isolation and damnation.  In a time when so many movies are the same, you know from the first few minutes you’re seeing something different.  The skillful camerawork in the THE SHELTER, coupled with the masterful use of sinister subjective sound, weave an unsettling atmosphere of dread and unease.  Michael Pare does some of his edgiest work here.  Can’t wait to see Fallon’s next film!” – Eric Red

Lastly, French Producer/Director Julien Dunand (NWR: Nicolas Winding Refn) gave The Shelter a watch as well and got a lot out of it. He actually sent me a lengthy letter about it and I was touched by it to be honest.  Here’s the quote he gave us.

“John Fallon’s The Shelter was a fascinating film. It was a mix of Abel Ferrara’s Bad Lieutenant and Martin Scorsese’s Last Temptation of Christ! – Julien Dunand 

So that’s it for now! Thanks for checking us out! And stay tuned for more updates in the near future! – Writer/Director John Fallon.


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