Two new The Shelter reviews and a Michael Pare interview!

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Two new The Shelter reviews recently surfaced online. One over at Dread Central and one at

Dread Central: Paré, doing most of his acting alone and in relative silence, is a standout. He’s got to carry this whole film on his shoulders, and he does it ably.  It’s Paré’s parade, lock and stock.” 

“The Shelter is enjoyable, well made and ably acted. It is definitely worth a look for fans of psychological slow burns.”

- READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW HERE (WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS) THE SHELTER is one of those special indie films that comes along out of the blue and completely floors you. Since watching this film, I haven’t stopped thinking about it and its deeper meanings. You know you have seen something special when it leaves you shaking and wanting more.”


Finally star Michael Pare recently talked with the folks at Dead X Radio, and The Shelter eventually came up. Listen to the show here (Pare starts at 15 minutes in).

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