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The Shelter co-star Amy Wickenheiser talks with We Came From the Basement!

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The Shelter co-star Amy Wickenheiser (who plays Maggie in the film – NOTE: the character was actually named after Mary Magdalene) was recently interviewed by the fine gents at We Came from the Basement! You can listen to her talk about her experience acting in the movie and beyond right HERE!

Expect more exciting THE SHELTER news soon!


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A chat with The Shelter actress Amy Wickenheiser!

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984147_715848808462292_4976647410922523460_nAmy Wickenheiser QNA
(Actress – Maggie)

Tell us a bit about your acting background!

The first film I did was John Fallon’s short film The Red Hours. It was a fun set, great atmosphere, I got to work with people I now consider family, play with blood, and shoot a shotgun bigger than me. I decided I loved it and started actor training and taking it seriously. Since then I’ve been in multiple films and have some really exciting stuff lined up. So when the opportunity arose to work with him again I jumped at it. I always have so much fun with our group!

What was it about the role of Maggie that appealed to you?

What I loved about Maggie is that she is the exact opposite of me. That allowed me to really explore with her. It’s fun when you can put your personality aside for a little while and become somebody totally different.

What would say was the most challenging aspects of playing your role?

The character of Maggie is so different from me. She’s guarded but vulnerable which was a challenge. I think the main thing with Maggie, though, is that she was pretty close to Michael Pare’s character, Thomas, before he disappeared. He’s back now, but he’s different. He’s a different person. I feel like she noticed that almost immediately, but tries at first to act like things are the same. They aren’t which really hurts her. Her walls immediately go back up, but I think the damage is done.


How would you describe your chemistry with star Michael Pare?

He eats live spiders, all the time. I’m kidding. He’s great. What a nice guy. We clicked pretty quickly. I felt comfortable with him almost immediately. I would LOVE to work with him again.

What’s next for you in the film industry? Anything lined up?

I just landed a role in Joshua Hull’s new feature film shooting in November. I’ve also started my own company with The Shelter’s producer Donny Broussard, production manager Erin Bennett, and a SPFX artist Patrick Irwin called Mallow Entertainment (www.mallowentertainment.com). We’re working to start creating our own slate of feature films and just shot a short film, “Caffeinated”, which we’ll be submitting to festivals soon!


The film will be screening at the SITGES FILM FESTIVAL on October 9th at 8:00PM at the Retiro as part of the Panorama Fantastic section! Writer/Director John Fallon will be on hand to present the screening.


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Three new stills from The Shelter!

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Here are three new pictures from THE SHELTER which will screen at Film4 FRIGHTFEST on August 28th 2015 at 8:40PM, INFO HERE!

Michael Pare (Thomas) and Amy Wickenheiser (Maggie).
Michael Pare (Thomas) and Amy Wickenheiser (Maggie).
Lauren Thomas (Josephine).
Lauren Alexandra (Josephine).
Rachel Whittle (Annie).
Rachel Whittle (Annie).

The Shelter is represented worldwide by DC-MEDIAS.

For acquisition information, contact DC MEDIAS here:

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