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Two new reviews of John Fallon’s The Shelter starring Michael Pare!

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Two new reviews of  THE SHELTER recently surfaced. Scoll down! You can now order THE SHELTER on DVD here!

WE ARE INDIE HORROR: “”The Shelter is a mysterious film with an atmospheric tone that carries the film’s melancholic exploration of love lost and regret with unbridled force. From his stumbling drunkenness to his explosive anger, Michael Pare​, gives one of his best performances of his long career!” – READ THE REVIEW HERE

HORRORFUEL: “The pain and darkness one feels within can be the most horrifying of all. Fallon could be trying to say that rock bottom may not actually be the furthest one can reach when they fall.It’s dark and introspective, and has a very Twilight Zone feel about it. “ – READ THE REVIEW HERE

14947580_1196477343732767_2774996836822707775_nWATCH THE SHELTER ON AMAZON, VUDU GOOGLE PLAY, DIRECT TV OR ON ITUNES.
The film is also on DISH, TIME WARNER and COMCAST

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Horrorfuel.com talks with The Shelter writer/director John Fallon!

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john fallon

The Shelter writer/director John Fallon was recently interviewed by Horrorfuel.com. Here is an excerpt.

Horror Fuel: “Can you tell us a little about your most recent film, ‘The Shelter’?”

Fallon: “It’s a about a homeless man, played by Michael Paré. He comes back to his home town after five years of being away and is carrying a a bag full of demons and guilt. After visiting his old stomping grounds, he comes across a house with an open door, he goes in, finds food, TV, comforts of life, he thinks he hit the jackpot. But he finds out the hard way that the house won’t let him leave. Then you find out “why”. Who you are and how you were raised spiritually will determine what you get out the film methinks. It’s a little bit of a weird ride”

Read the entire interview HERE!

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