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Autographed The Shelter DVD on special for the Holidays!

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Being that its’ the Holidays and we have a limited amount of copies left (our last box), we’re cutting prices on our autographed The Shelter DVDs. See our offers below.

Get the Autographed Edition  for 16.00 USD! The DVD signed by writer/director John Fallon – ( tax – postage and handling included). North America only.
PayPal address: shelterdvd@joblo.com

Get the Premium Autographed Edition for 19.00 USD!
The DVD signed by writer/director John Fallon and we’re also including a Postcard signed by star Michael Pare (one of the two here) NOTE: Only 5 left.
North America only.
PayPal address: shelterdvd@joblo.com


US residents can get the Regular Edition
via Amazon HERE! while Canadian residents can get the Regular Edition via
Amazon Canada HERE!

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Watch The Shelter for free on Amazon Prime!

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If you have Amazon Prime (or doing the 30 day  free trial) you can now watch John Fallon’s The Shelter starring Michael Paré for free! Click here and enjoy! We recommend shutting the lights, boosting up the volume and getting a stiff drink! It’s the way to watch the film according to writer/director John Fallon.

Or get the DVD HERE!



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Morbidly Beautiful reviews The Shelter!

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The Shelter  DVD! https://goo.gl/VKqBTz
Autographed DVD! https://goo.gl/4vxAKB
On VOD! https://goo.gl/XbV3vU

Our first review of 2017! Morbidlybeautiful.com just reviewed THE SHELTER. An excerpt: “Both a thriller and a moody thinking-man’s piece! Pare and director Fallon deliver a slow-moving but haunting psychological drama that captures the heart of a man at his breaking point.” READ THE WHOLE REVIEW HERE!



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Producer/Director Julien Dunand reviews The Shelter!

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From Writer/Director John Fallon: As we strive to bring you some wonderful THE SHELTER news very soon (I know I’ve been saying that for a month now, but things takes the time it takes i.e. much longer than anticipated); I felt like sharing with y’all one of the first pieces of feedback I got about the film, in the name of giving you an idea as to what you’re in for.

The thoughts come from French Producer/Director JULIEN DUNAND, whom I worked with on DEAD SHADOWS in 2012. The lad also produced/directed BIG JOHN (2006) and DU SANG SUR LA NEIGE (2013) and produced NWR (Nicolas Windig Refn).   Here is an edited version of his take on the picture (had to shave the piece down in the name of not spoiling the film):

“I finished watching The Shelter. Not only do I think it’s a good movie but it might even be a great one. I probably need to see it again in a few months just to be sure. All I knew before watching it was that it was some kind of a haunted house flick. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The Shelter is a reflection about Christianity and redemption. It stands on its own as an independent film. I was taken completely by surprise. I never thought it would be what it was. As a Christian catholic, I completely got what you were trying to say. The film has real power, and I don’t mean the images. Yes the shots and frames are quality, and the overall work on visuals is very good. So is the excellent sound design. But I never paid too much attention to technique. Because visuals to me are concrete, almost mathematics. If you have decent money and a good crew, it’s not that complicated to have good camera work. I’m not saying it’s easy –just that it’s controllable. On the other hand what isn’t, is soul. The will to express something.

One thing I’ve learned in this business over the past 10 years is that it’s very easy to make a bad movie. And it’s even easier to make an average one. Directing is having something to say. I see plenty of brilliantly shot movies all the time, but they’re dull and useless because they have nothing to say. They are soulless. So they just exist out there in the middle of thousands of other ones and no one will ever remember them in 6 months. So what’s the point of making them? Making a first film can be so hard that if you don’t have anything to say, don’t do it. It’s just not worth it.

A true director is someone who has his own eye (le regard in French). And having an own eye means having soul, putting your heart and guts on screen. Expressing something. In the end it’s all that matters. It’s all that counts. It’s all that’s remembered. And I felt you did that.

It is also obvious to me that religion at some point played an important part in your life. All these images are very reminiscent to me of the early works of Martin Scorsese, from Means Streets right up to Cape Fear, but also of Abel Ferrara’s Bad Lieutenant (Thomas’ character has a direct link with Harvey Keitel’s character). Who gets to ask for redemption? At what price? Under what conditions? The Shelter confronts these issues with power and force. It’s meaningful.

I tend to get emotional about all of this but the most important thing I want to say to you is this: You have something here. So what ever you do next, don’t fuck it up! Congratulations John!”

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