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Thriller The Shelter with Michael Paré now available worldwide on Vimeo on Demand!

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The critically acclaimed psychological thriller “The Shelter”, starring iconic actor Michael Paré (“Streets of Fire”), is now available for viewing around the world, thanks to its newfound home on Vimeo On Demand: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/thesheltermovie.

The film, which the L.A. TIMES said was “remarkably ambitious” and was “a concise genre piece that doubles as a heavily metaphorical character sketch”, had previously been released on DVD and VOD in the United States, and was also sold in various countries around the world including Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden and South East Asia.

But now the rest of the world gets their chance to watch the psychological suspense film which critics loved at the London Frightfest, as well as the Sitges Film Festival.

The film is about a homeless man named Thomas (Michael Pare) who finds shelter for the night within a lavish abandoned two-story house. He eventually discovers that he is not alone and the premises won’t let him leave.

“The Shelter” marked ArrowintheHead.com founder John Fallon’s directorial debut, a renaissance man who had previously written 12 films and acted in over 20 movies before directing his own. The first-time director said that “Since The Shelter’s domestic release, we’ve done all that we could do in terms of the classic distribution routes, but now it’s time for us to splash the film around the world, so that fans from anywhere can watch it whenever they want, from wherever they are!”

The film was shot entirely in Louisiana and provided lead actor Michael Pare with some of the best reviews of his career including kudos from WeAreIndieHorror which said that he gave “one of the best performances of his long career” and AintItCool.com which said “Pare really gives it his all here, plunging to emotional depths I never thought he was able to do and doing them with a real sense of soul.”

Watch The Shelter on Vimeo on Demand here!

Own the DVD here!


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Music from The Shelter soundtrack now on Google Play!

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We’ve gotten a lot of e-mails asking us to release composer Shawn Knippelberg’s score from THE SHELTER, hence we just made available 3 of our favorite tracks on GOOGLE PLAY: The Trip, The House and Rise from the Dead (writer/director John Fallon’s personal favorite). Check them out here! If popular enough, we may release further tracks from the film.


DVD: https://goo.gl/VKqBTz
Autographed DVD: https://goo.gl/Y5Isbe
On VOD: https://goo.gl/XbV3vU

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Morbidly Beautiful reviews The Shelter!

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The Shelter  DVD! https://goo.gl/VKqBTz
Autographed DVD! https://goo.gl/4vxAKB
On VOD! https://goo.gl/XbV3vU

Our first review of 2017! Morbidlybeautiful.com just reviewed THE SHELTER. An excerpt: “Both a thriller and a moody thinking-man’s piece! Pare and director Fallon deliver a slow-moving but haunting psychological drama that captures the heart of a man at his breaking point.” READ THE WHOLE REVIEW HERE!



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Nab free tickets to The Shelter Los Angeles premiere!

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JoBlo.com is giving away 25 PAIRS of tickets to the premiere of the SHELTER in L.A. on  which will also include a Q&A with Director John Fallon and star Michael Pare! Producer Donny Broussard and DP Bobby Holbrook will also be in attendance.

The screening will take place at The Laemmle Ahrya Fine Arts Theater (8556 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 9021) on Saturday, November 5th, 2016. GET YOUR FREE TICKETS HERE!

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Composer Shawn Knippelberg and Director John Fallon talk music in The Shelter!

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Composer (and Kamloops native) Shawn Knippelberg and Writer Director John Fallon were recently interviewed by Kamloopsthisweek.com about the music in The Shelter.

An excerpt:

Shawn: “I’d do a scene of the movie and send it to him for his approval and he’d send me back notes of what he wanted, what he liked or didn’t like. It was probably a little longer than the process normally is, but I think it worked out pretty good.”

John: “It’s a fairly morose film so there’s not much in terms of chipper music. I would say the bulk of the movie is sombre and sad music, and weird, eerie, ominous music,” he said. “It’s about going scene by scene and looking at what the scene is trying to say, and then getting the music to amplify the themes.”

Read the entire piece HERE.

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The Shelter composer Shawn Knippelberg interviewed!

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Shawn Knippelberg who composed most of the music found in THE SHELTER was recently interviewed by Cinema Knife Fight. Here’s an excerpt:

BD: Based on its trailer, I think THE SHELTER looks like a creepy, old-school terror fest.  However, I’ve heard some people dismiss it without having seen it (typical nowadays…), claiming it looks like a cliché-ridden jump-scare-fest.  Having actually worked on the film, what do you think of it?  What other movies would you compare it to?

SK: It is so far from a cliché-ridden jump-scare-fest, it isn’t funny.  It has maybe one jump scare.  It’s a mind bender.  It leaves an aftertaste in your mouth, which has no description.  For me, it was positive and right up my alley.   The people that dismiss it, based on the trailer, are shallow fools.   No comparison stands out to me.  It’s its own entity.

Read the entire interview here! 

You can listen to some of Shawn’s rock music here!

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